Who runs lab-class and why?

​​Lab-class is part of RLC Technology Limited.  We are a commercial laboratory (www.rlclab.com) providing research compounds and services to the pharma & biotech sectors.  But we also run www.lab-class.com to support STEM education in UK schools & colleges, as part of our social impact enterprise commitment. 

What type of samples can I submit for analysis?

​​We can only accept solid samples - no liquid samples (due to problems with volatility and shipping).  You can submit samples that you have synthesised or you can submit samples of Over The Counter (OTC) drugs (crushed & powdered tablets).  All of the samples are analysed by FTIR using the same protocol, however, for HPLC analysis different methods are required for the different compounds. - which is why we group samples together to save time.

The synthesis experiments we support are;                                  Examples of OTC drugs;

  • Aspirin synthesis                                                                            . Pain relieve (aspirin and paracetamol)

  • Paracetamol synthesis                                                                   Decongestant (phenylephrine)

  • Nitration of methyl benzoate                                                       . Hayfever (cetirizine)                                                     .

We offer a flexible service - if you would like to try an experiment that is not on the list please contact us to discuss.
What information do I need to return with the samples?


​We provide you with a return slip that provides us with your name, school , number of samples and experiment ID eg aspirin synthesis.  We don't need any information about students ie we don;t need a list of names & sample ID's.  The only information we use are the barcode numbers.  Only the teachers & students know the identity of the samples vs barcode numbers.

How quickly are the samples analysed and data emailed?

We aim to complete the analysis and email data back to the teacher within 48 hours of receiving the samples. We email teachers and technicians only, we have no contact with students.

Do you provide any help with background theory and data review?

Yes. We provide a teacher pack which covers the theory and a step by step guide on how to review and use your data.  We also provide data for standard samples (analysed using the same systems that we use to analyse your samples) so that students can easily compare their data with standards.

Do all of the vials need to be returned in a single batch?

No.  You can return the samples in a any batch size & at a timing that suits your needs.  The only requirement is that vials are used within 2 years of being ordered. This allows users to order larger numbers of vials to reduce cost.