Q. Is it really a free service or are only parts of the service free of charge?


A: All aspects of the service, teacher training and class lesson slots are free of charge to UK schools & colleges. You will not be asked for any order or payment details.

Q. I don't know anything about HPLC or lab automation. Does that exclude me from using the service?

A:. Absolutely not. We want teachers & your students to focus on the experiment and not on the equipment set-up. The reaction and repeated analysis are fully automated - no HPLC experience is required. We provide a short 15 min training slot for teachers only first - to test your internet connection to the equipment & to enable teachers to use the equipment & run through the lesson plan notes first before booking another slot (on another date) to run a class with their students.


Q. Our school has several A-level chemistry teachers & different form groups. Are there restrictions on the number of people who can use the service?


A:. There are no restrictions on numbers. Each teacher has there own registered account & there is no limit on the number of times that they can use the service.

Q. When is the service available to use?

A:. We encourage teachers to book a training slot first - these are available all of July and early August.  Teachers can book lesson slots for the whole of September and October - we will make several sets of HPLC equipment available Monday to Friday. There will be sufficient capacity to support approx 250 schools per week.


Q. Do you provide lesson plans?


A:: Yes. We provide a set of notes for students and an additional set of 'teacher notes' which goes into more detail about the experiment and expected Q&A that students may ask.

Q. Are any of your staff involved in the lesson?


A:. No. We provide all of the resources you need and training slots for teachers - with plenty of Q&A support. But on the day of your booked lesson slot only the teacher has control of the equipment and they can share the screen with their students. Lab-class staff have no contact with students - we only have contact with teachers.  On completion of the experiment, the raw data will be emailed to the teacher.