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Paper chromatography kit:
Paper chromatography (PC) is performed by 1000's of pupils each year BUT the standard method gives really BAD results.
We have developed a low cost, simple to use PC kit for the separation of black food dye, that is highly reproducible and actually works! - measure real Rf values.
Each kit can be used by class size of up to 30 x GCSE pupils - each performing individual experiments. Also, with spare consumables to perform the experiment 5 times.
Interested? then contact us at info@rlclab.com
Column chromatography kit:
The same black food dye sample can be separated using a mini Column Chromatography (CC) method.
Fully aqueous conditions (no organic solvents) hence can be used on the open bench.  Each different coloured dye can be separated and collected.
Interested? then contact us at info@lab-class.com